One of the best returns on investments you can get when you own a home is by renovating the bathroom. And what better way than to give your shower a complete makeover? As the focal point of the bathroom, upgrading your shower will give your bathroom a completely new look. But it’s not only about the new tile you’ve chosen; adding a glass shower enclosure or new glass shower doors will make or break the look of your new bathroom.

Read on to see the benefits of adding a new glass shower enclosure or glass shower doors.


Complete glass shower enclosure


With a complete glass shower enclosure, you will have wall-to-wall glass surrounding your shower. This makes for a very elegant and modern look. Nothing gives a more spacious feel than a complete glass enclosure. Adorned with your choice of hardware, you’re sure to have the best-looking bathroom.


Glass shower doors

If you have a shower and bath combination, you can still enclose your space with custom glass shower doors. It’ll give you an updated and much more sophisticated look than curtains will give. No more having to worry about moldy or stained shower curtains; a glass shower door is sanitary and easy to clean.


Choose your look

When you choose to upgrade to a glass enclosure or new glass doors, you will have a choice of clear glass or frosted glass. Both have benefits depending on your needs.


Clear glass will give your bathroom a much more spacious feel, as it will not give any visual obstruction. This is a great choice for small bathrooms or if you want to show off custom shower tiling.


Frosted glass is also a good option, while still giving your bathroom an elegant feel. Frosted glass will simply offer more privacy if that is a concern.


Depending on your needs, Complete Glass Utah has many options for you. Call us today for a free estimate!