When a window breaks, it’s fairly obvious that it needs replacing. But there are some less obvious signs that your windows need to be replaced. Here are 4 reasons you might need window replacement.


1. There’s Condensation Build-Up 

If you’ve noticed a bit of moisture between your window panes, you may need to replace them. The vacuum between your panes has been compromised, which means that they’re probably letting more than a little air in. Consult your local glass company to see if a whole window replacement is necessary.


2. There’s Wear and Tear

There are a couple of common problems with windows. The framing may be breaking or coming apart from the glass. These cracks and separations leave your window susceptible to letting in exterior temps. If you have a window that’s seen better days, it’s no question that a window replacement should be one of your top priorities.


3. You Have Hard Water Stains

Even if your window is in good mechanical condition, there may be aesthetic issues. A common problem in Utah is hard water buildup. If your windows are in the path of sprinklers, they probably have some hard water stains. Over time, this leads to a very unsightly window. So if you have a hard time seeing out of your window, it’s probably time to think about replacing it.


4. It’s Time for an Upgrade

If you’re lucky enough to not have the above issues, you might just be in need of a change. Many people are switching to darker window frames or going with plain glass if they have grids and vice a versa. If you do decide to go with whole-home window replacement, be sure to test your new color against your home. It’s a choice you’re going to live with for a long time.

Also, you may be looking for better temperature control or soundproofing in your home. These are valid reasons to begin looking into window replacement.


Whether you need a window repair or window replacement, Complete Glass Utah is here to help. We have been serving Utah for almost 20 years and have the experience you need to get your glass projects completed.