There are a variety of reasons businesses come to us in need of glass replacement. From the obvious to the not-so-obvious, at some point, you may need business window replacement, glass railings replacement, or glass storefront replacement. Read on to see the top reasons for glass replacement in commercial buildings.



Big or small, every business is at risk for a break-in. Statistics show that burglars are more likely to smash through the glass to enter a business than try to break through a lock. Imagine showing up to your office to see broken glass everywhere. Not only is it unsightly to any customers who might show up, but it leaves your business at further risk of intrusion. That’s why in this scenario, it’s best to get your windows replaced as soon as possible.


In another act of vandalism, you may find that you’re a victim of graffiti. Whether it’s paint or etches made on your windows, your business’s image is negatively represented by any present graffiti. Unsightly and off-putting, graffiti is another reason you’ll want to replace your business’ windows right away.


Weather or Stress cracks

If it’s not someone else breaking your windows, your windows may just do it on their own! Glass can respond to drastic temperature changes by cracking. If the crack is small enough, a window can be repaired by a specialist. But if the crack is large or the window is in a highly visible place, you may need to replace it. A trained and certified glass specialist can help you decide which option is best for your situation.


Old Windows

Lastly, you may need to replace your business’ windows simply because they’re old. Over time, windows in commercial spaces can suffer from scratches or hard water stains from sprinklers. They might also not be the most efficient glass, giving you a reason to upgrade to new windows and save a bit on your energy bills.


If you find yourself in one of these scenarios and need glass replacement in commercial buildings, Complete Glass Utah is ready to help you assess your situation. We’ll find the best solution and materials to make your business look new again.