When it comes to European shower doors – or frameless glass enclosures, as they’re also known – Orem homeowners shouldn’t believe everything they read or hear. Misinformation is everywhere, and separating fact from fiction isn’t always easy.

Here at Complete Glass, we know that people in Utah County, elsewhere in the state and throughout the country remain skeptical about frameless glass shower doors. That being the case, we decided to debunk the biggest myths surrounding Euro-style glass enclosures.

European shower doors Orem

Myth #1: European Shower Doors are Prone to Shattering

Are you worried about falling in the shower and shattering your frameless glass enclosure?

While the fear is understandable, the odds of this happening are exceedingly low. Glass shower doors are extremely strong and durable. They don’t break easily — and in the rare event of breakage, the tempered glass used means you won’t have to deal with sharp, dangerous shards flying all over the bathroom.

Myth #2: Leaks are Likely with a Euro-Style Glass Enclosure

Think that the lack of a frame makes European shower enclosures more susceptible to leakage?

Many homeowners share this belief, but the truth is, leaks only occur when glass shower doors are poorly designed or improperly installed. Hire a highly skilled professional team with extensive expertise in frameless enclosures, and you won’t have a leaky shower.

Myth #3: Keeping European Shower Doors Clean is Difficult

Have you heard that keeping a frameless glass enclosure clean takes a great deal of elbow grease?

Quite the contrary – the glass requires very little in terms of cleaning. Simply use a squeegee or wipe down the enclosure after every shower, and once a week, use a natural cleaner. You can also apply a protective coating like Rain-X to make the shower sparkle with even less work.

Myth #4: European Shower Enclosures are Incredibly Expensive

Do you believe that there’s no way you could possibly afford to install a Euro-style glass enclosure?

Actually, the cost of glass shower doors may not put the project out of reach. The price depends upon the options you choose – and a Euro-style enclosure could be much less than you expect. Many locally-owned and operated companies, including Complete Glass, are known for affordable rates.

Should You Install a Euro-Style Glass Enclosure?

Did you know that you can schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss glass shower installation with an experienced local professional?

Complete Glass offers complimentary in-home consultations to residents of northern Utah, and we’ve been working with homeowners in Orem for nearly 20 years. Our professional team has a reputation for customization expertise, exceptional craftsmanship and competitive pricing – and we’re dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. We can design a beautiful and affordable framed or frameless glass enclosure that brings your bathroom to life.

To arrange a free consultation and estimate for European shower doors at your home in Orem, Utah, contact us today.