Summer’s just a month away and we’re ready to enjoy our backyards. More and more attention is being given to outdoor living and upgrades. These upgrades lead to more enjoyable summers, not to mention the increase in home value and desirability if you were to ever sell your home. So where does glass come in when it comes to upgrading your backyard? Read on to see 3 outdoor glass installation projects that can turn your backyard into a sanctuary.


1. Deck Railing

Whether you have a deck that is a hot tub oasis or simply houses your patio furniture, you can significantly change the feel of this space by upgrading your railing. Installing a glass railing will give your deck a high-end look that will make your deck seem like it belongs in a magazine. If you’re looking to transform your deck from basic to elegant, this is one upgrade that will help get it there.


2. Patio Door

As the liaison between your home and outdoor sanctuary, the patio door also deserves some attention. Even if you’re not into modern bi-folding or accordion doors, there are other door types available that your home can benefit from. For example, sliding glass doors with large glass panes and minimal framing gives you full view of your backyard to make your two spaces feel more like one.


3. Pool Surround

Rather than setting up an unsightly fence around your pool, a much more attractive option is a glass surround. Much like what you’d have set up on your deck, it’ll give an unobstructed view of your beautiful pool, while offering the safety you’re looking for. This is an especially fantastic option for modern homes and homes with small yards that will benefit from the openness glass will offer.


If you’re looking to upgrade your outdoor space this summer, look no further than incorporating a bit of glass. Outdoor glass installation can make a huge difference in the impact and design of your yard. Complete Glass Utah has been serving Utah since 2002 and are highly specialized at outdoor glass installation. Call today for your free quote!