With colder weather still steadily creeping in, most of us have begun to replace our old, drafty windows with beautiful new windows. At Complete Glass Service Utah, we make it easy to replace your old windows in any office space, work or home setting. But, what to do with your old windows? Of course, we will haul away the old panes and frames for free, but we found a few ways to reuse old windows as home decor that we thought we’d share.

1. Vintage bathroom towel racks

The wear and tear from weathered windows may not fit with the exterior of your new home, but an old window frame can be easily fashioned into a cool towel rack! Sand it down, install some hooks, and voilĂ !

2. Create a vanity

Maybe your bathroom is in need of a bit of revamping or maybe you just want to change up your style. At Complete Glass Service Utah we are happy to replace windows in your restroom install shower doors. After we replace the windows, why not create a small vanity? Add some metal legs, repaint the frame to the color of your choosing, and use this as a place to store odds and ends that won’t fit around the sink.

3. Wall art

Repurposed window frames can be used as wall decorations that can hold everything from plants and lights to knick-knacks and car key holders. Here’s where you can get creative!

4. Picture frames

Instead of going out to the store and buying expensive frames for all those holiday photos, why not add a few extra pieces of wood, segment your window accordingly, and fill your frame with as many photos that can fit.

5. Storage cabinet

For practical usage in the kitchen or bathroom, add a backing to your old window frame, a few hinges, and one or two sturdy shelves. Tidy up cluttered areas with this crafty trick. Contact Complete Glass Service Utah today for a free estimate on window repair and installation and keep these tricks handy.