Give your home a stunning look and a unique open air feel in the spring and summer months with bi folding windows. Homes with spacious patios or decks are the perfect place for the windows, making the transition from indoors to outdoors seamless and making your entertainment space feel bigger. The design is growing in popularity, and the installation crew at Complete Glass Utah find themselves upgrading homes and businesses with this uncommon window style.

Complete Glass Utah Sales Manager, Jeff Moody said “The bi folding window style is nothing new. You often see if at restaurants that give their indoor venue a feel for the outdoors. It opens the space and connects guests with the outdoor environment. More home owners are looking to make their home a gathering place too. This is a great way to make homes feel bigger, especially when you have guests over.”

You’ll find bi folding in many styles and options, including vinyl, wood, or aluminum. Vinyl is what we often recommend due to its superior durability and insulation. Vinyl is also usually the least expensive option as well. Vinyl bi fold windows come in a variety of styles, even mimicking wood finishes, to match the style of your home or building. Contact a Complete Glass Utah representative at 801-494-1431 today to see if bi folding windows are right for you.