Need Salt Lake City glass repair?

Glass breaks can happen to the best of us. Whether it was from a break in or a rogue baseball, chances are every home needs glass repair at least once. So, you might be wondering what types of glass repair we focus on. The answer is simple: any and all glass repairs. If you’re looking […]
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Look no further for glass repair Utah

If you’ve recently had a window, mirror, or any other glass in your home break, look no further than Complete Glass Utah. No matter what kind of repair you need, we specialize in glass repair Utah. So, what kind of repairs does Complete Glass specialize in? Windows Windows are one of the most vulnerable points […]

Are your windows energy efficient?

Summer is nearly here, and that means warm temperatures are ahead. Cooling your home can be expensive, and those utility costs always rise with the temperature. So, is your home ready for the hot months ahead? Unsurprisingly, windows are one of the main culprits when it comes to cool air escaping your home. Have you […]

Frameless vs. Framed Shower Doors

When remodeling a bathroom, the shower or bathtub is usually the main focal point. So, you want to be sure you’re picking the right glass shower door. There are two categories that are the most popular when it comes to shower doors: frameless doors and framed doors. The difference isn’t huge, but can make or […]

Every type of glass repair you need to know about

Throughout every home, there are many different types of glass. Unfortunately, all of this glass is vulnerable. So, you might be wondering what type of glass does Complete Glass Utah repair. Luckily, we install and repair a wide variety of glass products to give our customers a one-stop solution for all their glass needs. To […]

Broken window? No problem.

One of the most common type of glass repairs are broken windows. Whether it’s from a rogue baseball or a break in, windows are susceptible to damage. Windows are one of the most vulnerable points in a home. There are a lot of ways to break a window. So, if you have found yourself needing […]

Are vinyl windows right for your home?

Did your child break a window? Are you remodeling the house? Is it just simply time to upgrade? Choosing new windows for your home can be a big decision. Depending on the size, current type, and your budget, there are a lot of factors to consider. Complete Glass Utah is here to make your decision […]

All the places to put a mirror in your home

When we think of mirrors in the home, our mind always goes to the bathroom mirror. Usually, it’s the largest and most frequented mirror. However, the bathroom isn’t the only place for a custom mirror. Mirrors can serve more purpose than checking out an outfit. They are also great for making a room appear larger, […]

Find the perfect glass railing system for your home

If you have a home with two floors, the staircase is a big focal point. Being the main point of entry to a different level of your home, the stairs are usually on display. Why not make your staircase stand out with a glass railing system? At Complete Glass Service, we’re here to help. There […]