Set Your House Apart with Bi Folding Windows

Give your home a stunning look and a unique open air feel in the spring and summer months with bi folding windows. Homes with spacious patios or decks are the perfect place for the windows, making the transition from indoors to outdoors seamless and making your entertainment space feel bigger. The design is growing in […]

Refinishing Old Furniture with Mirrors and Glass

Do you have a piece of furniture that you absolutely love? That you’ve refinished and sanded multiple times, trying to revive it every chance you get? Well, we’ve been there, too. Having a favorite piece of furniture could mean you made it yourself, or it’s been handed down from a family member. Keeping these pieces […]

A New Utah Storefront for Summer

Salt Lake City is one of the most popular tourist destinations for summer road trips. As Salt Lake City residents, we have seen some of the best winters and most exciting summers that bring in hundreds of visitors every year, which is great for local businesses. But, have you asked yourself how your business compares […]

New Shower Door Trends

As a leader in the shower door industry, Complete Glass Utah offers the most professional and personalized service in the Salt Lake City area. With more than twenty years of shower door installation experience, this Salt Lake City window and glass company only uses the finest quality glass for homes and commercial properties, ranging from […]

Energy Efficient Storefront Option

Whether you are in the market for a re-design of your storefront or just need to replace a cracked or broken window, Complete Glass Service Utah can help. As window and glass specialists, Complete Glass Utah has replaced dozens of storefronts in the Salt Lake City community, breathing life back into tired looking buildings and […]

Storefront designs increase clientele

If you are looking for a simple way to attract customers to your business and increase the traffic to your storefront, revamping a tired storefront design is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to do it. The appearance of your product draws in your customers and functionality is usually considered shortly after. Does your […]

Save on Energy, Replace Your Old Windows Today

The winter months seem to finally be behind us and we’re looking forward to some sun in Salt Lake. Don’t get us wrong, winter was wonderful and the slopes were even more perfect, but a change in the season is always welcomed. With the summer months hot on our heels, we’re trying to make sure […]

Custom Glass Table Tops

Glass table tops add an air of elegance and luxury to homes and commercial office buildings, no question, but they can be spend-y. With the right care and maintenance routines you can extend the life of a custom glass table top for years to come, and Complete Glass Utah will help you create one. Complete […]

Shower Door Replacement, It’s Important

There are a few reasons you may want to replace your shower door; maybe you’re selling, remodeling, or just can’t handle stepping out of your shower to a giant body of water on your tile. Either way, Complete Glass Service Salt Lake City has pretty much seen it all, and we know how to fix […]